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Concepts of the logo for different companies
Design concepts for different companies
Concepts of the logo for different companies
Impress is a recruiting system for HR specialists that allow you to automate the process of interviewing and selecting candidates for a specific job.
Our company have created a design for the medical device sensor screen. The goal was to make it easy to use and clear so people of all ages can understand it.
The City is Happening. Follow the Hype. We uncover the best events daily so you can just have fun
The Lapki.Life logo is a unique, semantic design, that together with the name of the company makes an interesting and memorable form.
11 E-commerce is a full-featured digital marketing and web development agency based in Miami. The agency provides individual solutions for digital marketing efforts.
Our company have created a design for the travel agency logo. The concept for the new logo is the combination of the comfort and impression. we tried to make the logo simple and memorable.
This is a sait for the yoga studio in New York. The studio exists since 1989 and unites the different directions: yoga classes, cafe of healthy food, shop of sports goods.
Boxie24 is Europe's leading green, on-demand and full-serviced storage and moving provider that operates in Europe and the United States. Boxie24 services both the residential and commercial market.